Cerita Dewasa Tante girang ngewe HOT Meki berdarah

Cerita Dewasa Tante girang ngewe HOT Meki berdarah Biography of Steve Jobs, among others, contains a criticism to Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. Toket tante girang Asked his response, Bill Gates claimed not disturbed at all by critics Jobs. Tante girang mesum praised the cleverness remains Jobs and cooperation once they interlace.

"Steve Jobs do something fantastic. When you think about why the world is better today, the Internet, personal computers, mobile phones, the way how you connect with information, it is really phenomenal," said Gates.

Jobs and Gates quite often work together in the computer industry since the 1980's when Apple and Microsoft is still a young company. They are also rivals, and often mocked each other.

In his biography book, Jobs declared Bill Gates is the person who has no imagination and are happy to steal others' ideas. Bill Gates himself once said Jobs is basically a strange man.

"About 30 years we worked together, he said many good things about myself and also a lot of rude things. None of those things that bother me," added Gates as quoted from dailymail, Tuesday (01/11/2011) .

Jobs include working with Gates when developing software for the first Macintosh computer. Gates, Jobs dislikes confident perhaps because he saw the success of Microsoft since the beginning while Apple once hobbled.

"Several times Memek tante girang faced the fact that their product is worth the premium so it may not survive in the market. And also some times he felt as a good person while we are bad people, Payudara tante girang it's all understandable. I did not bother him at all," said Nomer HP tante girang.
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