His Eastern Indonesia in Motorsport

Arena slalom test at Indonesia Eastern crowded with the appearance of team Kalla Toyota Sport.
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Massa and Alonso Jajal Ferrari F150

By packaging the shooting, two racers Ferrari Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso the new F150 jajal race car
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The Fastest Mass, McLaren Appeared Relaxed

The racers and the team Was gathered at the Jerez circuit to undergo a three-day test session. First day (10/2) was Felipe Massa of Ferrari
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Racers F1 Support Robert Kubica

Performing at the Jerez circuit, Spain, today (10/2) for the following session of the second test, the racers F1 support for Robert Kubica
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Dani Pedrosa's fastest at Sepang

Racers Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa was the fastest in test session at Sepang, Tuesday (1/2). How Rossi and Lorenzo?
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Lotus T128 Ready to compete in the Central Board

Collapsed last year, Team Lotus F1 with his new car could compete T128 sure to Center for supported Renault and Red Bull
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Rossi: ugly in Sepang is not because the Motor

Valentino Rossi was not disappointed with the results of the test in Sepang, Malaysia. However, he admitted there is still much to be done on the motor.
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Ya, the new name of Ferrari F1 car in 2011

Ferrari finally succumbing with Ford and willing to change the name of the car racing career originally F150.
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Rossi Joked: Accident Not Intentional

Valentino Rossi was still able to joke then had an accident. If he could retain the achievements of the past year in Losail?
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Nick Heidfeld "Drag" Renault Fastest R31

Third F1hari test session Saturday (12/11) controlled prospective racers Renault Nick Heidfeld.
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After Webber, Rota Vettel Results

Red Bull F1 team shows his superiors in the last test session in barcelona, Spain. On the second day, turn Vettel performance greatness
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Yamaha Celebrate 50 years in Grand Prix

In motor racing Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies tacked logo 50 years Yamaha.
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Pedrosa was great at Losail, Rossi Fell

Jelang compete in Qatar, the pemabap MotoGP already tried the Losail circuit to live the last test session.
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Hamilton Asked Team Up To Develop The Car

The McLaren of Lewis Hamilton disappointed racers in the test session in Barcelona and have team up to make improvements.
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Casey Stoner Break Time Best Sepang

Racers team Repsol-Honda makes a surprise in the last day of test in Sepang, Malaysia, Thursday (24/2)
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Yamaha Mio Soul "Bloody" Thailand

This modification skutik Yamaha was not extreme. But, that's the hallmark of the modification of Thailand with the color specifically.
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Expressive, The Trend Of Car Body Stickers

After a long vacuum, application sticker on the car body seems to be the trend in car body mods for 2011.
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Be Amazed, Beware Ketipu!

See the look of this car, you have guessed it Chevrolet Camaro. Wrong! It is precisely its cars from Japan.
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Range Of Yamaha Byson To Taste Its Owner

View Yamaha Byson was dashing, but some owners try to modify the light.
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Ceper Still Streaking

Modifications to the Honda Accord is indeed not a new trend, but still has a class of its own.
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Brave Shame Because Love Motive

Ayung Keun Song of Purwokerto claimed to be happy with the motif of Fiat Yamaha team MotoGP because of three things.
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The Thumb! Traditionally, The Earth Parahyangan

Ford 1941 which was wreck could return to life and even more ferocious power. Please guess how long is his.
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Nih, Yamaha Scorpio Hybrid

In Jakarta's Yamaha Scorpio Hybrid. Caution do not kecele, Yes!
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Metal art decor

Metal Art decor is a nice way to decorate your home or office. a wide selection that is available today makes planning much easier and affordable. the choices are many and you can find something unique to build around with other pieces, or choose the more common themes. Whether your home or your office, wall art that you have in mind will reflect a bit of your personality.

Many people prefer to buy mass-produced wall art, when it comes to decorating their offices. They choose a more personalized pieces when decorating their homes. Usually a general idea of decor metal art they want to use is already chosen before purchasing. If you want to use design that can not be found, it is possible to measure it.

When decorating the office, contemporary look is often chosen. Using the design, such as flowers, birds and wall vases can liven up the office wall and create a more interesting look. Mirrors with metal frames are used as well. Another decorating idea that works well is to set up a single piece of metal art decor on the wall and tying in other elements in the room.

Tuscan art is often used and it is a timeless look that works well in many areas. Wall art, which has branches, leaves and other outdoor elements are often used to soften the look chunkier pieces. Schedule decor metal art should be interesting trying several different shows before deciding on a particular one.

Levels of pieces to create more interest is much better than lining all perfectly symmetrical. look you are trying to achieve will be far more natural and attractive if they are hung from different angles. The use of color is another way of decorating and creating interest in the wall art. simple decorative grill with a few colorful flowers can be used alone to create a piece of wall stress that is unique and adds a look you are trying to achieve.

nostalgic look can be a perfect design for your home decor with a metal art that has an antique look. It is nice in a room that is furnished in period furniture. Tying in with the furniture, wall art will allow the space to have just the right elements, and each will be unique. This is what most people are after you decorate a room today. seems to be trying to create is a statement of their personal tastes, and they want one of a kind look. Today's look is more about individuality. Metal watches are another example of wall art. Yes, they are functional, but they can be decorative as well. Sheet Metal decor is another type. This look is a combination of simplicity and quality, while maintaining a unique sense.

With just a few simple ideas, it is possible to use different types to bring out the best in the room you are decorating. Since it is this décor is simple to maintain, you will love the new layout provides. Let your imagination to create a space for your dreams and have fun in the selection of wall art that you will use.

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Dragon TT Atila 1000R Sleeved Unique Swinging

Dragon TT Atila was the result of collaboration of two companies in Spain with a unique look
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Ferocious! Japan Powered United

Not just the form that you've changed, the car had power from Japan is American, so add a ferocious
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Just A Simple Touch Of The Beautiful Scoopy

Honda Scoopy's retro look is quite interesting. Moreover the Center three modifiers, so add more classic
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Know How A Patio Furniture Clearance Can Save Your Pocket

Are you thinking about buying a piece of furniture for your house? If you want to brighten up your garden? Are you planning on renovating your home? You want to do any of these things, but your pocket is not so deep to afford what you want. Just thinking about it as a decoration for your home or your place would be enough to entertain you all day, but I think the price would be discouraged to make any changes in your home. Now that the world is experiencing economic crisis, spending too much for a house is not a good idea. It is not easy to look for a cheap piece of furniture and it can cost you your time. However, owning a home means everything to most everyone and we can not shy away from it.

There are many different types of furniture that can make any home look nice and well decorated, but finding a cheap one will be a problem. When confronted with this problem, clearance patio furniture will probably respond to your needs. patio furniture clearance outlet can be found anywhere, even somewhere in your neighborhood. Most stores offer big discounts and have some furniture on clearance. When planning for a particular topic, there May be the time when I can not seem to find the right furniture to suit your needs. Patio furniture cleaning would probably help because most of the furniture pieces that are on sale are those that are either old stocks or those who are no longer in vogue. People's taste varies. One piece of furniture may be old fashioned, but maybe someone match the taste of his house. So, getting lucky to see one that fits your theme is inevitable.

You might be surprised when you start looking for the right furniture for your house, and the prices are too high for your budget. The best thing to do is to carefully plan on what things to buy and start looking for garden furniture outlets permit on the web. When looking for patio furniture clearance, always decide before the second season starts. Most of the action usually goes on sale when a massive new season comes from new products introduced into the market. Planning ahead would be better for your pocket.

Of course, it would be a good idea to shop for the latest furniture, but when the budget is tight, it is wise to look for older models of furniture. Shopping for old furniture can take a little more effort than necessary, but it will be as high as 70% discount on each item. In order to achieve what you want for your house, patience and perseverance required, because it will not be an easy job. However, it was all worth it.

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Saltwater Aquarium Decorations

So, you have a saltwater aquarium, it's time for the fun part - saltwater aquarium decorations are one aspect of marine fish keeping where you can really let your imagination free reign. a variety of decorations are available - from ceramics, resin or plastic ornaments and backgrounds, real or false corals and shellfish, and even plants Skys the limit when it comes to making the marine world for your fish ..

Marine aquarium decorations are fun to buy, because unlike the other inhabitants of your tank they do not require any special care. You will not have to feed them, provide special habitats and they can not get sick or die, so hassle free! tank without the décor is boring, but it's not all.

aquarium without any saltwater aquarium decorations is not very exciting and it can also beunhealthy for your fish. Using a tank decor makes it possible to break the physical environment and the container is important for biological and psycho-social well-being of fish in your tank. This is because it uses a tank decorations provide hiding places, areas for food and to grow the microbe activity that keeps your marine tank healthy.

Add to this the fact that the marine aquarium decorations are nice to look at and fun to work with, and you'll begin to see that the décor is essential in any marine tank. The best way to choose your marine tank decorations is to visit a store that allows you to see patterns saltwater aquarium in the working folder, and not just on a rack or table.

Some examples of marine aquarium decorations you might like to try the saltwater tank are:

Belching clams and treasure chests - These are champagne and air-actuated ornaments action. Spacemen, submarines, clams, and treasure chests are always very popular. Even a frog on a log and airstones are fun saltwater aquarium decorations. screen should be well lit and there should be plenty of bubbles for the best effect.

So what other options are there for the marine aquarium decorations? What is unusual and interesting background? You can buy a variety of backgrounds such as marinescapes, paint-on materials, foil, mirrors, and floating stocks. You can even buy a tank in a diorama! Showing the background effectively and choose the decor of the tank that fits its theme.

Rocks are another good choice for a saltwater aquarium decorations. You can choose between volcanic, sandstone and metamorphic rocks, or even plastic. Some rocks do not have any impact on water quality, while others improve the quality of water. If you are unsure of a certain rock, play it safe and leave. Try pieces of tufa, igneous, silicious / Petrified Forest), and brackish and African Great Lakes systems calcareous "base" rock. You can usually buy a pound of rocks or a 'piece'. Some types of rock are artificial and others natural.

Driftwood is a great idea for a saltwater aquarium decorations. This could be self-sinking or weighted and dried chemically or physically inert or live. Do not try to cure their own forests. It's just too time consuming and expensive, it's cheap enough to buy anyway.

Corals and shells can also be used as a saltwater aquarium decorations. Always try to use one of the natural marine resources.

Marbles are traditional saltwater aquarium decorations. They can be used underwater - all round the flat, crushed marble and glass are popular in marine tanks. However, the marbles do not make for a good biological substrate. They provide vibrant color to any tank, though.

Faux natural saltwater aquarium decorations are another way of pepping your tank. You can choose between fake rocks, logs, shells, coral, ships and much more. Fake it might be, but some are attractive negotiated properly, so do not miss these decorations.

Plastic plants are another option you might want to use for your saltwater aquarium decorations. You can get some good similarities marine plants such as Sagittaria turtle grass example so do not miss out and use them to supplement your actual plants while they grow.

Your choice of saltwater aquarium decorations is up to you, but there are some general guidelines to keep in mind when making a choice.

Always make sure that your marine aquarium decorations do not have sharp edges on which the fish can be cut. Never use any materials (stones, shells, etc.) that can emit toxic chemicals into the water. Select the shapes and designs that make ideal hiding places for shy animals and a good substrate for the growth of marine plants.

Also make sure that your saltwater aquarium decorations are squeeky clean when you put them in your tank. Never use decorations from the tank where the fish or plants are sick or unhealthy in any way. Make sure there is no room within the decorations where fish can get trapped and die.

The best saltwater aquarium decorations need not be particularly fancy. If you like the Spacemen and frogs go ahead and decorate your tank with them - it's your tank after all. If you want a more elegant style choose natural, rather than faux ornaments and other studies of natural systems and try to copy some of these areas in your tank.

You can easily collect this kind of information from a book about biology, or doing some research on the World Wide Web. The more you learn to be more accurate marine life you created and it will make your fish and other invertebrates happy and healthy. The most important thing to remember is to have fun with the marine aquarium decorations.

But do not forget about the health of your marine ecosystem. Try to find a proper balance between the aesthetic value of your container and welfare of your fish. The only way to make sure that your stock stay healthy study, study, study fish, invertebrates, plants and make sure you give them what they need to survive, a good cheap online book about everything you need to know about

Good luck in whatever you choose, and enjoy your saltwater aquarium decorations.
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Fun Snowflake Craft Ideas and Instructions

to keep the focus on the simple pleasures of the holiday season with some tricky snowflake crafts. What could be nicer than a simple adornment for the setup is modest, honest, hospitable and warm? What could be simpler than the cereal? This is an image that let us travel in the days of Christmas, our youth and all those years in between. Here are some ideas that I bring you the flakes in your holiday decorations by painting on fabric and much more! You can even find some tips on creating unique gifts for giving.

snowflakes are always six sided. So, how would you give up paper snowflakes paper ended design with 6 symmetrical extensions. First, fold a piece of paper starting at the top right corner of ensuring that the upper edge of the paper and right sides lined up. Cut away paper that is folded in the area. Bring the two points on the folded side together and sign center. From the point of taking place, Measure 3 and 1 / 8 ", with both sides and make a mark. Draw two lines from the center mark on the cover of each of the characters on the place and times along each line. It seems complicated to only a paper snowflake, but when see how it works you'll see that simply fold without measuring.

The flake craft project you will need to create a snowflake cutout and dies. For a paper cutout snowflakes, fold the paper and clear up a few pieces. For cutting holes in the side, use scissors, but if you want to make a detailed design, use craft knife to cut holes in the middle of the folded paper. I find it best to outline the design plan before I start cutting. Proceed carefully and align your paper snowflake cutout design. Create a matrix tracking flake design on paper or film matrix (for a permanent, multi-use matrix). Cut out design with a craft knife. It's like creating a negative. Now that you have cereal matrix and neck, you're ready to start having fun making some fabulous crafts.

If you need a different size, you can put designs on the copy machine to reduce or increase the size to fit your project area.

Set the unique and festive holiday table this year decorating cloth napkins. I found a package of colorful cotton napkins in a discount department store and painted the small flakes in the corner. When the napkin is folded and strung through a napkin ring, the central flake. Make sure to find a towel that is made ​​of smooth fabric that has no texture to it. You can find fabric paint at your local craft supply store. When applying the paint over the stencil and use a napkin up and down dabbing motion to apply paint to the fabric. back and forth motion with the brush to push the paint under the stencil and smear his image. Use a brush for stenciling. Foam brushes work well too. Keep the brush dry side. brush loaded with too much paint can cause leakage of paint under the stencil. Heavier color is achieved by applying several light coats of paint with drying time in between.

, the "less is more" theme, I tied my napkin with a thin string chord and glued a couple of wooden Christmas trinkets for each end, instead of using fancy napkin rings.

I mentioned that you can find fabric paints in your local craft supply store, but if you are not able to find these, regular acrylics work well too. However, they can not wash it, and tend to be a little stiffer when dry.

Good golly - Let's get in a good mood! Do you carry your Christmas spirit? And some paint flakes on the t-shirt or sweatshirt. Maybe you know someone who likes to wear a Christmas art. Then make a wearable gift to them. Color few flakes across the front. Use different colors for each and then top it off with some spray glitter. There are so many things you can do with a simple snowflake crafts.

When we picture the snowflakes, we generally think of a simple children's crafts. However, the flakes can be elegant. Consider decorating a bag wine cloth with painted flakes. You can find plain bags on most of its discount stores and plainer the better. Just make sure your matrix in place, and then tap on a little color. I found some that were green and red velvet with gold tie cords and tassels. I painted two or three snowflake design on one side in gold color. Then I sprayed a very thin layer of gold spray glitter. Slide a nice bottle of wine in a bag and have a nice gift for your favorite wine connoisseur.

snowflake stencil on the corner of a nice linen handkerchief. You can give it as gift wrap and I treasure inside. I like to hang them over the basket and fill the basket with goodies like the ones in the picture above which was filled with red and green apples. I like to browse flea markets and thrift stores to find vintage hankies. They lend an old world feel to your snowflake crafts.

Well, I know that you are ready to begin work on a snowflake craft. I hope this information has inspired you to make some wonderful Christmas art!

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Interior Design: Decorating the Interior of your House

It's time again to look at decorating your home? Are you excited about this possibility or are you frustrated? This is the idea to decorate your home or want to move into the city or are anxious and excited? You will find certainly mixed feelings with regard to decorating their homes. Not everyone is creative and intelligent. one can well assume that they are incapable of furnishing. Some people just do not have any of these projects. Then you'll discover people who can not wait to roll up your sleeves and get the paint and plaster. You can find plenty of help available for every individual, regardless of their feelings in relation to decorate your home.

If you hate the thought of your home interior design, interior design professional model might be the best goods for you. They will work with you to allow you to select decorative models, including paint, flooring, furniture and accessories. This will launch the plan, but will probably have to hire a painter or someone to install the floor. This is a very good choice if you can afford, but a few men and women do not have money to buy a professional interior decorator, painter and flooring installer.

If you are adventurous individuals can decorate your home is considered just another exciting event. Do not have a problem finding the details of decorating your home. There are a lot of journals published each month which provides information and instructions for decorating inside your home. There are books, books, do-it-yourself giving specific details, step by step to decorate inside your home. The Internet is often a great resource for simple facts about your device. Hundreds of pages filled with intriguing details to help you make your plan and help you in your process. Television can be an excellent source inside the house. There are a few facts TV programs that can educate you and give you ideas for your home decorating project.

When you decide to decorate your home, make sure to first decide which part or parts that you will change. Choose a theme will allow you to make decisions about color, furniture, fabrics and accessories. There are many topics to choose from, for example, Victorian, Cottage, Modern, English, French Country, Traditional, Medieval, Moroccan, Art Deco, Southwestern, etc. Once you decide on a theme, then you can choose the materials surrounding the interior design of the house.

Use the resources offered to decorate your home, you must be in a position to a color palette that will enhance your room, pick up the furniture fabric adds warmth, think about choosing a comfortable and accessories that complement or accent your space. Of the many resources available to you, many will offer ideas for decorating your home for free, you should be able to decorate your home an interesting adventure with little or no stress and frustration.

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"Bumblebee" Wandering in Jakarta

For those who never watch the movie Transformers, certainly remember the Bumblebee, a robot that is identical to the Chevrolet Camaro. It turns out, he is in Jakarta.
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Horse Lumping Car Tech

Great. Yamaha Jupiter is nicknamed Ducky Horse Lumping that have excess applies the technology of the car.
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Mega Pro jadi Lebih Jantan

Honda Sports series Mega Pro so more strongly after modified turing-style blend trail and supermoto.
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Pregnancy Twins Need Extra Attention

Who says containing twins always fun? Changes and treatment of pregnancy will be different, and need extra attention.
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"Mouthwash" Help Lower The Risk Of Babies Born Premature?

Gargle with mouthwash can help lower the risk of babies born premature, because it helps the health of the baby in the content.
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Bolehkah Anak Minum Kopi?

Suri Cruise seemed guarded escort and caregivers to order coffee options at Starbucks. What, the hell, his influence if the child is often drink coffee?
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The age of 30, the time is right to give birth?

The number of women who give birth after age 30 have doubled in the last two decades. They want to develop a career first.
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Novita Angie: Get To Know The Children Character Through Fingerprints

Through the analysis of fingerprints of children, parents collect child's character and apply the proper pattern of foster care. Presenter Novita Angie prove it.
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NU, Ahmadiyya, and FPI

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AP Polisi memeriksa lokasi penyerangan terhadap jemaah Ahmadiyah di Cikeusik, Pandeglang, Banten, Senin (7/2/2011), sehari usai insiden tersebut.

Oleh Edy M. Ya`kub

Hanya dalam satu bulan Februari 2011 tercatat tiga kerusuhan bernuansa agama yakni di Cikeusik, Pandeglang, Banten (6/2), Temanggung, Jateng (8/2), dan Pasuruan, Jatim (15/2).

Rentetan peristiwa itu agaknya membuat Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono bersikap keras dengan mengeluarkan "warning" tentang kemungkinan pembubaran ormas anarkis.

Dalam sikapnya, Presiden tidak menyebut ormas yang dimaksud secara spesifik.

Walhasil, tiga kerusuhan bernuansa agama itu akhirnya tidak hanya berhenti pada penegakan hukum, melainkan juga mendorong persoalan mengerucut pada polemik tentang Ahmadiyah di berbagai daerah, bahkan para petinggi Front Pembela Islam (FPI) pun turut meramaikan polemik itu.

Adalah Gubernur Jawa Timur Soekarwo yang merupakan kepala daerah yang pertama mengeluarkan Surat Keputusan Nomor 188/94/KPTS/013/2011 tentang Larangan Aktivitas Jamaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia (JAI) di wilayahnya.

Surat tertanggal 28 Februari 2011 itu disampaikan Gubernur di depan anggota Forum Pimpinan Daerah (Forpimda) dan pimpinan sejumlah media massa di Gedung Negara Grahadi, Surabaya (28/2/2011).

Dalam SK tersebut terdapat tiga pasal. Pertama, melarang aktivitas JAI yang dapat memicu dan/atau menyebarkan terganggunya ketertiban masyarakat Jawa Timur.

Pasal kedua berisi empat poin; a) menyebarkan ajaran Ahmadiyah secara lisan, tulisan, maupun melalui media elektronik; b) memasang papan nama organisasi JAI di tempat umum; c) memasang papan nama pada masjid, mushalla, lembaga pendidikan, dan lain-lain dengan identitas JAI; dan d) menggunakan atribut JAI dalam segala macam bentuknya.

Gubernur Soekarwo menegaskan bahwa pihaknya tidak berwenang membubarkan ajaran Ahmadiyah.

"Kami hanya bisa melarang aktivitasnya, bukan membubarkan, karena pusat yang berwenang (membubarkan). Urusan agama merupakan salah satu dari lima kewenangan pusat," ujarnya.

Sikap gubernur Jatim yang juga mendorong sikap serupa di Jabar dan provinsi lain itu mengundang protes dari Jaring Masyarakat Anti-Kekerasan (Jamak) dan Aliansi Anak Bangsa Peduli HAM.

"Dari diskusi panjang lebar tentang kekerasan dalam beragama, kami mendesak Gubernur Jatim untuk mencabut SK Larangan Aktivitas JAI," kata Presidium Jamak Jatim, Ahmad Zainul Hamdi, di Surabaya (3/3).

Mereka menganggap SK tersebut salah alamat dan harus dicabut, karena SK itu seharusnya bukan dialamatkan kepada JAI, melainkan kepada kelompok-kelompok masyarakat yang selama ini melakukan kekerasan terhadap Ahmadiyah.

"Ahmadiyah selama ini selalu menjadi korban. Penerbitan SK pelarangan Ahmadiyah menunjukkan kalau pemerintah kalah dengan kelompok tertentu. Khususnya negara sudah kalah dengan masyarakat yang kalap. Negara juga sudah gagal dalam memberikan jaminan keamanan kepada masyarakatnya, terlebih pada masyarakat kelompok minoritas," katanya.

Menanggapi protes itu, gubernur mempersilakan para pemprotes untuk menggugatnya secara hukum, karena upaya hukum lebih bagus daripada demonstrasi (demo).

"Yang jelas, esensi SK hanya melarang aktivitas JAI di Jatim dan bukan membubarkan organisasinya. Akidah dan ritualnya tidak bisa dilarang. Hanya aktivitasnya, seperti pemasangan `plang` (papan nama) dan penyebaran melalui lisan dan tulisan. Itu juga sesuai SKB Menag, Mendagri, dan Jakgung," ujarnya.

Sikap yang sama dikeluarkan Gubernur Jawa Barat melalui Pergub Nomor 12 Tahun 2011 tentang Pelarangan Kegiatan Jamaah Ahmadiyah di Jabar yang esensinya sama dengan SK Gubernur Jatim tentang Ahmadiyah.

Sikap NU

Di tengah polemik itu, pandangan Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) dalam menyikapi tiga kerusuhan (6-15/2) itu agaknya cukup menarik untuk disimak, termasuk soal Ahmadiyah dan FPI itu sendiri.

Hal itu karena NU merupakan organisasi kemasyarakatan (ormas) Islam terbesar di Indonesia, sehingga sikapnya menjadi rujukan bagi ormas lain untuk menilai konflik legalitas Ahmadiyah (Cikeusik), konflik antaragama (Temanggung), dan konflik Sunni-Syiah (Pasuruan).

Pengurus Wilayah Nahdlatul Ulama (PWNU) Jawa Timur mendukung pembekuan kegiatan Jamaah Ahmadiyah sebagaimana tertuang dalam Surat Keputusan Bersama (SKB) Menteri Agama, Jaksa Agung, Menteri Dalam Negeri tertanggal 9 Juni 2008.

"Soal keyakinan itu tidak dapat dipaksakan, namun bisa didialogkan. Karena itu kami mendukung SKB Ahmadiyah yang intinya membekukan kegiatan Ahmadiyah yang menyimpang," kata Sekretaris PWNU Jatim HM Masyhudi Muchtar kepada ANTARA di Surabaya (21/2).

SKB Ahmadiyah itu antara lain berbunyi peringatan kepada jamaah Ahmadiyah untuk menghentikan penyebaran penafsiran dan kegiatan yang menyimpang dari pokok-pokok ajaran Agama Islam yaitu penyebaran faham yang mengakui adanya Nabi dengan segala ajarannya setelah Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Didampingi Rais Syuriah PWNU Jatim KH Miftachul Akhyar, Masyhudi Muchtar mengatakan Ahmadiyah itu menyimpang dari ajaran Islam dan paham NU, karena jamaah Ahmadiyah dari aliran Qadian dan Lahore itu sama-sama mengakui Mirza Ghulam Ahmad pernah menerima wahyu untuk menerima tugas sebagai Imam Mahdi atau Isa Almasih.

"Kami mendukung SKB Menag, Mendagri, dan Jaksa Agung, karena pelarangan atau pembekuan itu merupakan peluang pemerintah dan tokoh agama untuk bertindak sesuai porsi masing-masing yakni pemberintah menindak secara hukum dan tokoh agama melakukan pembinaan atau dialog dengan jamaah Ahmadiyah," katanya.

Hal itu penting, karena keyakinan agama itu merupakan keyakinan asasi yang tidak bisa dipaksakan kepada orang lain, tapi perlu dilakukan kompromi melalui dialog. "Islam sendiri mengajarkan `mauidhoh hasanah` atau cara-cara yang baik dan menjauhi cara-cara kekerasan. Hidayah itu hak Tuhan," katanya.

Menanggapi hal itu, Ketua Forum Cendekiawan Ahmadiyah Jatim Ustadz Hamid Ahmad kepada ANTARA di Surabaya (28/2) mengaku siap berdialog, karena Ahmadiyah itu menggunakan Al Quran, membaca syahadat, kiblat untuk shalat, nabi, dan hal-hal lainnya yang sama dengan umat Islam pada umumnya.

"Kalau dibilang kami punya kitab suci Tadzkirah itu nggak betul, karena kita suci kami tetap Al Quran. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad itu juga bukan nabi, tapi penerus nabi seperti Imam Mahdi atau Isa Almasih," paparnya.

Namun, Rais Syuriah PBNU KH Hasyim Muzadi berpendapat sebaliknya. Ia menilai aktivitas dan penyebaran Ahmadiyah ini memang harus dilarang dan dihentikan seperti SK Gubernur Jatim atau SKB Menag, Mendagri, dan Jakgung itu.

"Ajaran Ahmadiyah itu memang harus dihentikan, karena rawan terhadap umat Islam itu sendiri, kecuali kalau Ahmadiyah itu menjadi satu agama sendiri dan bukan Agama Islam. Itu (Ahmadiyah) tidak ada kaitannya dengan kebebasan beragama, tapi justru penodaan agama," ucap mantan Ketua Umum PBNU itu.

Tapi, kata Sekjen International Conference of Islamic Scholar (ICIS) tersebut, kebebasan hidupnya sebagai warga negara tetap dilindungi dan SK atau SKB itu justru melindungi mereka dari oknum yang menggunakan atau memanfaatkan kerawanan untuk memicu konflik.

Senada dengan itu, Ketua Umum PBNU KH Said Aqiel Siradj menegaskan bahwa Ahmadiyah memang menyimpang dan tidak sejalan dengan NU, karena pandangan yang menganggap ada nabi setelah Nabi Muhammad SAW itu tidak sejalan dengan akidah NU (Aswaja).

"Namun pembubaran Ahmadiyah adalah domain Pemerintah dan NU tidak berada dalam wilayah itu. Selain itu, perbedaan keyakinan tidak bisa menjadi pembenar untuk melakukan tindakan kekerasan atau kesewenang-wenangan," katanya.

Agaknya, NU selalu bersikap "jalan tengah" (tawassuth, i`tidal, musawah, tasamuh). NU menyalahkan ajaran Ahmadiyah, tapi tidak menyalahkan pemeluknya terkait hidayah Tuhan.

NU menyalahkan cara kekerasan FPI, tapi NU tidak menyalahkan atau membubarkan organisasinya terkait hidayah Tuhan juga. (*)

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Unlike the boys and girls in Friendly

Boys and girls differ in the way. Boys tend to be competitive, while women are more full of love.
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New Profession: MC Butet

KOMPAS.com — Actor Djenar looks fun enjoying the dishes are served Committee for the inauguration of the monument "Super Smesh" in complex GOR Djarum, Teak-Holy Village, Central Java, on Thursday (3/3/2011) night.

Before the show started, some guests were whispering, "Anung mau's play monologue at the event." Murmurs are new missed calls when Butet that night look neat opened the event. Yes, the night was Butet indeed established professionally as MC.His opinion, the show Jazz UGM is event "menasbihkan" himself as MC. After Jazz UGM, Anung also once hosted a Matter of Merapi, and the inauguration of the GOR Djarum Kudus.

Is there any Butet has retired performed the play-play monologue? "Oh no, now I'm complete roadshow monologue in eight cities," said Butet while calling the play "the cat" which was performed around the city.

As in the play-play monologue, "the cat" also contained social criticism. The story about a family drama, the quarrels that took place in a family because of a cat. "The play is a satire perversion of facts. His character is not killed the cat, but is considered and should be accused as the killer cat, "take apart Butet.

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Planning A Pregnancy? Consumption of These foods!

Plans have momongan? Do not forget to prepare food-food that right so that the chance of pregnancy You more awake.
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Gaddafi's Love Virus

By The A.A. Ariwibowo

Stickler straddling the power on behalf of "loved and loving the people", the leader of Libya Muamar Gaddafi treats love as a merchandise and rapes them as goods ready lego at a flea market power.

Love, in the eyes of Gaddafi who dub themselves as "Kings of Kings", limited to who ruled and who ruled. This virus love typical Gaddafi.

His reading, if love destroy detachment, then reveal themselves and impress the Gaddafi himself as a figure of lovers consummate the people after a four-decade rule and control of his country.

"They all love me. All my people support me. They all love me. They are willing to die to protect me, "he said in one interview with the Western media that aired on the BBC News Networking. Love the motherland shortlisted or dimiskinkan as the love to the ruler.

Perform flamboyant approaching intellectual deviation, Gaddafi choose living in a tent during a foreign visit melakoni and choose the female guards for betting live dead. He sounded the tone-tone power as desire berbela flavor with the people. Cool?

More cool again, money often lubricate love and smearing the power. And Gaddafi merengkuh and embraced the creed that depositing wealth abroad about 70 billion dollars or about Rp618 trillion. Tampang and money bermetamorfosa so the two Affairs that confirms that the love of power touches the Affairs very private.

The analogy, there is a Chair then there is a table. Again, Gaddafi wanted "loves" his people. He pledge to remain in Libya as the leader of the revolution. "This is my country. My country, "he said with shouting and occasionally clenched his fist. "The people of Libya with me," he said in calling for the supporters.

A climax, he called the protesters as the animal inhabitants of the ditch. "Catch the mice that," he said. Cinta Gaddafi drew water from the oasis of love that all is absurd. Love has a rational and more consideration lull caressing emotional affairs.

The female philosopher Hannah Arendt mentions the absurdity of love as love a-political. Language gaulnya, I love you because I want to mendompleng the wallet jabatanmu.

In fact, love and friendship may not necessarily be stirring intimacy or immediacy. Language mesranya, there is love from a distance for two sejoli mutual respect. There was respect as opposed to viruses love typical Gaddafi.

In the eyes of Gaddafi, respect to the people left a deficit. In fact, respect allows the exuberance of the love of the people. By killing thousands of its own people, Gaddafi lay the respect to fellow. In the eyes of the philosopher Martin Buber, Gaddafi see humans from one dimension. Why?

Gaddafi membendakan humans and consider humans as mere objects (I-It). Humans simply buttons that are ready to push then commanded for the sacred duty of the institutions named "country". In fact, our fellow human beings deserve treatment as You capitalized (I-Thou). The pattern of "I-It" is the pattern of the relationship between master and slave. And Gaddafi played himself as the master with uppercase!

"It sounded like a wrong understanding, when she can talk and laugh with a citizen of the United States and the international journalist while he (Gaddafi) kill its own people," said u.s. Ambassador to the UNITED NATIONS Susan Rice at the White House. "It just underlines how much he did not like the lead and how he disconnected from reality."

Armed with respect and love of the people of Libya, Security Council United Nations (DK-UN) dropped sanctions for Gaddafi, after a 15-Member Security Council held a session of Saturday at the headquarters of the United Nations, New York.

The resolution contains decisions applying sanctions freezing assets and travel restrictions against Gaddafi and fifth son as well as the 10 nearest people. The Security Council arms embargo also applies to Libya. DK-UN requested all States not to provide weapons to Libya. Libya also was banned from exporting weapons to any country.

Sanctions by international sanctions punching Gaddafi. The White House asked the leader of Libya immediately stepped down, as judged from defecting to the truth (truth). The White House played a world with emotions dominate the plurality opinion. In fact, claims to be the truth often does not provide room for debate even menabukan disagreement.

"If a leader keep power by using mass violence against his people, he has lost his legitimacy to govern," White House statement. In fact, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says, "speaking of the Qadhafi has lost the trust of his people and he had to go without spilling blood and violence."

Not limited to berwacana, the United States to move the troops the Navy and the air to a position about Libya, as the Pentagon announced.

Western countries consider the possibility of intervention against the regime of Gaddafi. "The planners we're compiling various emergency plans. We put the troops to make it easier for it if the decision has been taken, "said Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Dave Lapan.

Amuck Western countries will virus love Gaddafi seems historical memories will be referred to the courts against the figure of Herman Goring.

People trust Hitler it upholds symbolizing the faithful carrying out of a bureaucracy, without merefleksikannya.

And Goring said, "I don't have a voice. My inner voice is Adolf Hitler ". The heart for love Drama horribly will humanity it WAD lesson that be bureaucratic elite who think that the history is not incised dark ink on sheets of white history as one of the actors from banalnya crime (The Banality of Evil).

Gaddafi prefer lakon "Banality of Evil". He liked the play the Trojan war. He wanted to be a hero not because of the courage to die and suffer in battle, but he wanted to show myself to the world by starting a new story for himself.

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Pregnant at the age of 20 or 35 + equally Risky!

Pregnancy occurring under age 20 or over 35 years including risky due to diverse factors overshadowed the disorder, such as birth defects.
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Rosihan Anwar was being treated at RS MMC

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com — writer and journalist senior H Rosihan Anwar (89) rumored to go the emergency room (ICU) Hospital Metropolitan Medical Center (MMC) Jakarta, Monday (7/3/2011). The information is retrieved Kompas.com evening last through SMS.

"Seasoned Journalist Mr. H Rosihan Anwar (89) this afternoon being treated at the ICU RS MMC Jakarta due to disorders of the heart attack, let us pray together for her healing," so that information.

After Kompas.com check to RS MMC, it is certain that Rosihan Anwar into the ICU since 18: 00. The last condition is unknown because his health was still in intensive care and handling of the doctor.

Rosihan Anwar as long as it is known as a journalist for five days. He has been a writer since the days of colonial Netherlands until now. At dusk, he still actively submit writings to the mass media and writing the book. The last book he wrote is the history of the small (Petite Histoire) Indonesia Vol IV (the Publisher of the compass, November 2010). He is also currently preparing a memoir of his love life with his wife, with the title already prepared parts of the Soul, the Memoir Rosihan Anwar with Siti Adriana0419.

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Make Kitchen Space Learning Child

Create a game in the kitchen to make mealtime more enjoyable for the child. A lot of activities to educate the start of the kitchen, loh.
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Residents in Aceh at the Festival of the culture of Japan

BANDA ACEH, KOMPAS.com — hundreds of citizens in the province of Aceh to witness Japan culture festival organized Association of Alumni of Japan (Persada) in AAC Dayan Dawood Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh.

The Chairman of the Committee for the organizers, M Faisal, in Banda Aceh, Wednesday (2/3/2011), says, this cultural festival themed "friendship and culture, Eratkan and Sinambungkan".

"The Festival was held to introduce the culture of Japan to the people of Indonesia, particularly Aceh residents, to deepen the relationship of the two countries," said M Faisal.

His activities that opened Japan Consul, Yuji Hamada, it was also never implemented two years ago and got a good response from the public, especially students.

In addition to rolling out a variety of art from Japan, the Committee shared the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Jakarta will also provide an explanation of the study of D-3, S-1, S-2, and S-3 as well as scholarships to Japan.

"Japan Culture Festival which we conducted this year is more vibrant than ever before," said Faisal.

On the festival which takes place one day it will also be implemented talk show culture and education between Japan and the Japan Consul alumni in Aceh.

The Committee also held a movie bereng, coloring contest, demo Japan character and cuisine, food bazar, origami workshop demo tea ceremony, summer kimono, photo and art exhibition.

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Make Child Hear You Without Need To Shout

The attention of the children are easily distracted when you talk to him. How to make it to listen to You without having to yell at him?
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"Evening of Poetry" in the FIB UI

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com — "evening of poetry is held with the spirit of freedom of expression, there is no censorship, no restrictions, please perform and work," said Yudhi Soenarto, Builder of theater Literature UI, in his speech.

The stage was soon crowded with the viewer who take turns reciting poems of their work and the work of poet-poet famous for Indonesia. There is also the viewer's musikalisasi of poetry, singing, even read out a letter to Indonesia's political elite.

Events organized by the literary Theatre self-developed and ILUNI FIB UI on Friday, March 4, 2011, this rolling since at 17: 00 until 23: 00. The stage was never empty. In addition the students perform as well as alumni FIB UI (FS UI) from the 1970s to the 2000s, such as Linda Djalil, Mossadeq Bahri, Ali Sonhaj, Crixmadine Djamaluddin, Yudhi Soenarto, Alfian Siagian, Fadli Zon, Fahrurozy, and others. The journalists requested Kompas.com Jodhi Yudono guest starred performing stunningly performed musikalisasi poems Rendra and Chairil Anwar.

Fadli Zon, Chairman ILUNI FIB UI, stating that the event is expected to be the event to create for the students and alumni of the FIB UI, in addition to being a means to bersilaturahim for a variety of forces. He also delivered have scheduled the event with Theatrical Literature three times a year to stimulate the birth of the new works of poetry that will further enliven the corpus of literature in Indonesia. The poems were good enough to be collected and published an anthology.

"I never thought the evening poem turned out, got excellent reception and be inspirational. Participants who want to perform is not timeless, perhaps because we don't have long held an event like this, "said Ardita Anggraini, Chairman of the Theatrical Literature. "I am so much more excited about, let alone now activities arguably dry because of all the students of diburu-buru for quick passing" he continued.

Since long, FIB UI (d/h FS UI) is indeed a leading writer in Keflavík many Indonesia. Events such as this being complementary to the academic activities have become routine. (*)

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Correcting The small Study Talk

The new study, small talk, so reasonable if he did a lot of mistakes like confuse the words, said, or making up new words.
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6000 Ogoh-ogoh Bithday "Pengrupukan"

DENPASAR, KOMPAS.com — as many as 6,000 ogoh-ogoh, doll-faced generally large, spooky will be paraded in the village of indigenous peoples in Bali on the night of pengerupukan, a day ahead of the Holy day of Nyepi Saka new year on March 5, 1933.

"Polda Bali along the range will anticipate and conduct security tight for ritual pengusungan ogoh-ogoh are underway since Friday (4/3/2011) evening until late at night," said Kabid Publicist Polda Bali Kombes Gde Sugianyar in Denpasar, Wednesday (2/3/2011).

He mentioned, the efforts of security tight was done his part to avoid the onset of the things that are not desired.

It is said, the efforts of the security on the night of pengerupukan it also performed it along with the indigenous village security officer (pecalang) with procession ogoh-ogoh can do the job well.

The officer had done in the case of a group of young people (sekaa sons-teruni) who have made ogoh-ogoh to lead on the night of pengerupukan related Nyepi this year.

"From the logging, accounting for about 6,000 ogoh-ogoh has made citizens and scattered in the village of Pekraman in eight districts and one city in this region," he said.

The artwork of young generation would be paraded around the Balinese village of Pekraman, before on-pralina (burned) on late night.

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Kok, The Grassroots Have Yet To Begin Its Way?

Every parent must have been looking forward to the moment of his son learned to walk. When the moment was to be the highly anticipated?
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Ilga Before Nyepi

JAKARTA, COMPASS.COM--Welcomes Hari Raya Nyepi Hindu se-jabodetabek celebrate ILGA in Pura Segara, Cilincing, North Jakarta, Wednesday (2/3/2011). This is a series of early ceremony to welcome the Hari Raya Nyepi Saka new year 1933.

Minister of culture and tourism Jero Wacik were present in this ceremony. After witnessing the greet and Baleganjur, Jero Wacik entered Pura Segara and follow this ceremony.

Melasti called melis or mekiyis aims to smelt all manner of filthiness thoughts, words, and deeds. Furthermore, in this ceremony the Hindus would get holy water (tirta amerta angemet).

According to the Chairman of the Committee for the celebration of Hari Raya Nyepi Saka new year 1933 Ida Bagus Djayapati, this is a form of ceremonial ablutions Hindus. Where the faithful would pray together and then headed to sea to get holy water or angemet tirta amerta.

"Later the people will dissolve offerings into the sea as a symbol of throwing away the filth of the mind. Then later we will ride a boat to take the holy water, growing in crystal clear water will be the more, the more pure, "said Ida Bagus Djayapati.

From at 15: 00 WIB Hindus from different areas in greater Jakarta began arriving. By bringing offerings faithful for pray first before entering the Temple. According to Ida Bagus Djayapati estimated there were 6,000 people from 22 Pura will gather together to live the ILGA.

"After the Melasti, we will perform the Tawur Agung Kesanga in Monas, Friday March 4," said Ida Bagus Djayapati.

Author: Roderick Adrian Marque Lamont Dixon

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Important Diasup pregnant women in the first half

Pregnant women need complete nutrition. What is important is filled by pregnant women in the first half?
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Boys Need Friends!

The plural looks, teenage males gather together, but it is so mature, males tend to be individual. What about boys?
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Parents who smoke Trigger Hypertension in infants

Though not smoking near baby, parents who smoke can trigger a baby hypertension so he reached the age of KINDERGARTEN.
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