New Profession: MC Butet — Actor Djenar looks fun enjoying the dishes are served Committee for the inauguration of the monument "Super Smesh" in complex GOR Djarum, Teak-Holy Village, Central Java, on Thursday (3/3/2011) night.

Before the show started, some guests were whispering, "Anung mau's play monologue at the event." Murmurs are new missed calls when Butet that night look neat opened the event. Yes, the night was Butet indeed established professionally as MC.His opinion, the show Jazz UGM is event "menasbihkan" himself as MC. After Jazz UGM, Anung also once hosted a Matter of Merapi, and the inauguration of the GOR Djarum Kudus.

Is there any Butet has retired performed the play-play monologue? "Oh no, now I'm complete roadshow monologue in eight cities," said Butet while calling the play "the cat" which was performed around the city.

As in the play-play monologue, "the cat" also contained social criticism. The story about a family drama, the quarrels that took place in a family because of a cat. "The play is a satire perversion of facts. His character is not killed the cat, but is considered and should be accused as the killer cat, "take apart Butet.


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