Gaddafi's Love Virus

By The A.A. Ariwibowo

Stickler straddling the power on behalf of "loved and loving the people", the leader of Libya Muamar Gaddafi treats love as a merchandise and rapes them as goods ready lego at a flea market power.

Love, in the eyes of Gaddafi who dub themselves as "Kings of Kings", limited to who ruled and who ruled. This virus love typical Gaddafi.

His reading, if love destroy detachment, then reveal themselves and impress the Gaddafi himself as a figure of lovers consummate the people after a four-decade rule and control of his country.

"They all love me. All my people support me. They all love me. They are willing to die to protect me, "he said in one interview with the Western media that aired on the BBC News Networking. Love the motherland shortlisted or dimiskinkan as the love to the ruler.

Perform flamboyant approaching intellectual deviation, Gaddafi choose living in a tent during a foreign visit melakoni and choose the female guards for betting live dead. He sounded the tone-tone power as desire berbela flavor with the people. Cool?

More cool again, money often lubricate love and smearing the power. And Gaddafi merengkuh and embraced the creed that depositing wealth abroad about 70 billion dollars or about Rp618 trillion. Tampang and money bermetamorfosa so the two Affairs that confirms that the love of power touches the Affairs very private.

The analogy, there is a Chair then there is a table. Again, Gaddafi wanted "loves" his people. He pledge to remain in Libya as the leader of the revolution. "This is my country. My country, "he said with shouting and occasionally clenched his fist. "The people of Libya with me," he said in calling for the supporters.

A climax, he called the protesters as the animal inhabitants of the ditch. "Catch the mice that," he said. Cinta Gaddafi drew water from the oasis of love that all is absurd. Love has a rational and more consideration lull caressing emotional affairs.

The female philosopher Hannah Arendt mentions the absurdity of love as love a-political. Language gaulnya, I love you because I want to mendompleng the wallet jabatanmu.

In fact, love and friendship may not necessarily be stirring intimacy or immediacy. Language mesranya, there is love from a distance for two sejoli mutual respect. There was respect as opposed to viruses love typical Gaddafi.

In the eyes of Gaddafi, respect to the people left a deficit. In fact, respect allows the exuberance of the love of the people. By killing thousands of its own people, Gaddafi lay the respect to fellow. In the eyes of the philosopher Martin Buber, Gaddafi see humans from one dimension. Why?

Gaddafi membendakan humans and consider humans as mere objects (I-It). Humans simply buttons that are ready to push then commanded for the sacred duty of the institutions named "country". In fact, our fellow human beings deserve treatment as You capitalized (I-Thou). The pattern of "I-It" is the pattern of the relationship between master and slave. And Gaddafi played himself as the master with uppercase!

"It sounded like a wrong understanding, when she can talk and laugh with a citizen of the United States and the international journalist while he (Gaddafi) kill its own people," said u.s. Ambassador to the UNITED NATIONS Susan Rice at the White House. "It just underlines how much he did not like the lead and how he disconnected from reality."

Armed with respect and love of the people of Libya, Security Council United Nations (DK-UN) dropped sanctions for Gaddafi, after a 15-Member Security Council held a session of Saturday at the headquarters of the United Nations, New York.

The resolution contains decisions applying sanctions freezing assets and travel restrictions against Gaddafi and fifth son as well as the 10 nearest people. The Security Council arms embargo also applies to Libya. DK-UN requested all States not to provide weapons to Libya. Libya also was banned from exporting weapons to any country.

Sanctions by international sanctions punching Gaddafi. The White House asked the leader of Libya immediately stepped down, as judged from defecting to the truth (truth). The White House played a world with emotions dominate the plurality opinion. In fact, claims to be the truth often does not provide room for debate even menabukan disagreement.

"If a leader keep power by using mass violence against his people, he has lost his legitimacy to govern," White House statement. In fact, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says, "speaking of the Qadhafi has lost the trust of his people and he had to go without spilling blood and violence."

Not limited to berwacana, the United States to move the troops the Navy and the air to a position about Libya, as the Pentagon announced.

Western countries consider the possibility of intervention against the regime of Gaddafi. "The planners we're compiling various emergency plans. We put the troops to make it easier for it if the decision has been taken, "said Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Dave Lapan.

Amuck Western countries will virus love Gaddafi seems historical memories will be referred to the courts against the figure of Herman Goring.

People trust Hitler it upholds symbolizing the faithful carrying out of a bureaucracy, without merefleksikannya.

And Goring said, "I don't have a voice. My inner voice is Adolf Hitler ". The heart for love Drama horribly will humanity it WAD lesson that be bureaucratic elite who think that the history is not incised dark ink on sheets of white history as one of the actors from banalnya crime (The Banality of Evil).

Gaddafi prefer lakon "Banality of Evil". He liked the play the Trojan war. He wanted to be a hero not because of the courage to die and suffer in battle, but he wanted to show myself to the world by starting a new story for himself.


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