6000 Ogoh-ogoh Bithday "Pengrupukan"

DENPASAR, KOMPAS.com — as many as 6,000 ogoh-ogoh, doll-faced generally large, spooky will be paraded in the village of indigenous peoples in Bali on the night of pengerupukan, a day ahead of the Holy day of Nyepi Saka new year on March 5, 1933.

"Polda Bali along the range will anticipate and conduct security tight for ritual pengusungan ogoh-ogoh are underway since Friday (4/3/2011) evening until late at night," said Kabid Publicist Polda Bali Kombes Gde Sugianyar in Denpasar, Wednesday (2/3/2011).

He mentioned, the efforts of security tight was done his part to avoid the onset of the things that are not desired.

It is said, the efforts of the security on the night of pengerupukan it also performed it along with the indigenous village security officer (pecalang) with procession ogoh-ogoh can do the job well.

The officer had done in the case of a group of young people (sekaa sons-teruni) who have made ogoh-ogoh to lead on the night of pengerupukan related Nyepi this year.

"From the logging, accounting for about 6,000 ogoh-ogoh has made citizens and scattered in the village of Pekraman in eight districts and one city in this region," he said.

The artwork of young generation would be paraded around the Balinese village of Pekraman, before on-pralina (burned) on late night.


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