Tips for reading character from handwriting
When we write is actually our hands only as a tool to hold the pen. Our writing style that comes from our subconscious mind. it can be said that the writing can express various emotions of the author's feelings. Of course, to know there are not arbitrary secret behind the science of reading or handwriting is called graphology. Take pulpenmu and write something where yah about your character? Here's an explanation in the basics.

Of strong or light pressure of writing a person we can know the character of the person. Can you notice with respect to the former scratches behind the paper.
Strong pressure:
The person whose writing graffiti thick to cause scars behind the paper they usually have high emotional. Too deepen their feeling either happy or hurt. They absorb everything like a sponge. Usually they also have a taste. Firm and has a strong desire and even tend to force others to obey the will meraka. So often people who have the pressure of writing like this are usually rigid hard to adjust in the association.
Light pressure:
Writing that has a subtle pressure reflects the personality of a quiet and relaxing. They are more tolerant understanding of difficult decisions and are usually easily distracted

Great writing
People who write a large paper sizes usually tend to like to be considered always want to look ahead and want to be heard.
Small print
People who write with small size usually pay more attention to detail tends to be more quiet and introspective self-

Leaning to the right
People with writing like this usually have an active emotional impulsive character sociable friendly like the challenge of more open (extroverts) and expressive
Leaning to the left
Types of writing like this is usually the author to be shut down (introverts). More protective always think logically and reflect the nature of the more interesting seseoarang themselves.
People who have a perpendicular writing reflects someone who can control themselves and can hold true when we write our hands only as a tool to hold the pen. Our writing style that comes from our subconscious mind. it can be said that the writing can express various emotions of the author's feelings. Of course, to know there are not arbitrary secret behind the science of reading or handwriting is called graphology. Take pulpenmu and write something where yah about your character? Here's an explanation in the basics.
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Teror Laser Indonesian Football AFF 2010

Terror laser is actually beam not only happen in the final match of the AFF Cup first leg between the Indonesian national team against Malaysia on Sunday (26/12) night at Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Previously, the Vietnamese team also protested about the laser terror against Malaysia in the semifinals of the AFF Cup which they then swallow defeat 2-0.

Laser beam attack too often befall the world footballer, one of which happened to Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. He became the victim of ignorant hands when his team competed in the King's Cup on 26 October. Green laser shot from the audience deliberately directed into the face of the star Ronaldo will execute a free kick in minute 72.

Luckily, when it even seemed annoyed, Ronaldo remains unaffected and finally scoring success. The committee had time to catch the perpetrator, but unfortunately he had escaped being arrested when security forces.

Terror laser beam has also been hit Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid. It happened when the game between AC Milan against Real Madrid at the Stadio San Siro, Milan, Italy.

Caused the audience is indeed enough attention. In March 2008, European Football Associations (UEFA) has imposed a fine of 3675 euros or about USD 46 million to the team Lyon. The punishment was a result of the supporting act of deliberately highlighting Lyon team laser toward Cristian Ronaldo play in the Nou Camp, Spain.

Laser attack did not hurt the football players, but the light is very disturbing concentration of players. Because of that terror laser beam is considered as an act of wounding the spirit of sportsmanship in sports.

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Syahrini Indonesian Singer

Syahrini Images Syahrini Wallpaper
Syahrini Picture Syahrini Photo

Syahrini - Because of his love with the game of national team players back numbered 10, Syahrini was willing to fly to Malaysia for the giving spirit in the final fight AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.

"Nah no special preparation, carrying banners palingan Bambang Pamungkas I love, I love Okto," said Syahrini when found in the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, Kalibata, South Jakarta, Thursday (23/12/2010).

The former duet partner this Anang Hermansyah said they were proud to join to support Indonesia by providing support to come directly to the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

"This is one of honor, pride can go with the father Muhaimin Iskandar, could be invited as pack minister and his entourage. In addition to providing support, we will also have events in there, to visit all our brothers and sisters who become migrant workers there, "he described.

Syahrini sure if Indonesia would crush the Tiger of Malaya, despite having to play away games. Even according to him, to see Indonesia play against the Philippines, Indonesia Syahrini sure would win.

"I think if the opponent does malaysia hell, God willing, 100 percent sure to win. If you see yesterday's experience, Indonesia versus Malaysia, I'm clay in the stadium as too direct. Well, I think going to win many, "he said.
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Syahrini Indonesian Sexy Celebs Biography

Syahrini, beautiful and sexy woman was reportedly left the Anang Hermansyah by Pasha "Ungu". Who would have thought that Syahrini be tempted by Oki Agustina's former husband?

Like do not believe but true. Syahrini willingly left her duet that once beloved colleague Anand Hermansyah that almost a year they became a duet partner. Even couples who call it the public was phenomenal today.

Not because of anything, but it happened because Syahrini must carry out their duties to fill the Masterpiece concert held by one private television station.

On that occasion Syahrini should duet with Pasha "Ungu" who temporarily leave his true duet partner, Anand. And they will sing the song "You Are Everything" album belongs properly Purple with a lover's inspiration.

Which also hebohnya Syahrini must fly using the sling above the height of 5 meters, when he was still traumatized by the incident fall ride height at an altitude of 2 meters.

"This is my first duet with Pasha" Ungu "yes. Seru though. And he called later I flew over a height of 5 meters using a sling and I'm still traumatized ya and there is a scene later dilepasin same slingnya Pasha," said Syahrini when found rehearsals Friday (20 / 8) night.

Curious is not it? It was the first thing Syahrini duet with besides Anand and certainly something worth waiting for duet Syahrini with this Pasha.

Syahrini: ... syahrini foto ...Anang & Syahrini: The ...Torrent: [JWG] Syahrini - My ... ... Syahrini: Syahrini and AnangSyahrini Aku Tak Biasa ...syahrini dan anang | Flickr ... : Syahrini hot : Syahrini ...Syahrini Syahrini ...
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Bambang Pamungkas Profile

 Bambang Pamungkas or are familiar with the title BePe still glowing in Indonesian football. Salute to the players on this one. Although lately BePe much criticism for his performance declining, but he proved his capacity as national team players who deserve respect. Two goals nested Bambang into Thailand's goal, brought Indonesia to change the history of the defeat of Thailand at AFF Cup.

But the most important is not the goal. Bambang who signed to replace Irfan Bachdim in the second round, able to lift morale and our players mentally.

Starting from minute 8 in the first half, Indonesia was under constant pressure Thailand. In the end, Indonesia was lagging behind by a goal at 68 minutes Suree Sukha.

This is where the role as a captain Bambang teams are very influential. Indonesia recover and strike back. When Indonesia was lagging behind, Bambang excitedly shouting words that burn the fighting spirit his team-mates.

Although not audible, but the impression one might expect that BePe say is "Indonesia can! We can!"

As a result, the retainer of Indonesia has launched a vigorous defense of terror and Thailand began to topsy-turvy. Each time you pause the game, he continues to convince his colleagues that Indonesia could beat Thailand.

When he scored the equalizer, he simply raised his hand without any excessive celebration. He does not boast scored because chasing something bigger, namely Indonesia victory, the victory of the whole team, and the victory of the entire nation.
And it looks after he scored a second penalty which brought Indonesia excel. This time Bambang very hysterical and emotional, showing happiness beyond measure.

Bambang Pamungkas - ZimbioBambang Pamungkas @ Grand ...Bambang pamungkas (*sripoku ...Bambang Pamungkas yang Tak - bambang pamungkas ...striker bambang Pamungkas ...Bambang Pamungkas - Rushdi's ... ... for Foto Bambang Pamungkas

In fact, during the three games Bambang always be a backup. But he never protested the decision Alfred Riedl, although so far he is the principal figure on the front lines of Indonesia. This is a professional mental evidence Bambang Pamungkas, as he had to say:

"As a player, there is a principle which I will always hold in my football career. That is, I will always try to give my best capability and support a good team on the pitch, off the bench or from the stands ..."

And Bambang really showed how it should be a professional player. This mentality must dicontohi by several national team players we are too 'many natural' and 'self-important'.

In times of late in his career, Bambang still shows his dedication to the Indonesian national team. He did not play for himself. He did not pursue a personal ambition. He played for Indonesia and the struggle to bring Indonesia into achievement. 39 goals he created for Indonesia as evidence of struggle.

On when he turn 30 years old and his ability began to decline, criticism and insults began to arrive. But Bambang dedication and commitment to provide the best for Indonesia is not diminished one bit.

"The ability I would probably gradually subside over time, my sharpness as a striker will probably gradually fade away along with the development of football game itself. But "NO" with commitment and my dedication to the red team - white. WILL NEVER CHANGE ...! "

And when it comes time Bambang remove red and white costumes bearing the Garuda, he would become a legend in the story of the Indonesian national team trip.

"And until this moment, confidence, commitment and dedication, I also do not move and reduced a bit, will never be reduced comrades, until whenever. I'm not going to stop playing for the national team, until one day, energy and my thoughts are no longer needed by national team coach "- Bambang Pamungkas.

Thank you Bambang Pamungkas. Take Indonesia AFF Cup champion 2010.
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Bayaran Admob Recehan Mendulang Dollar

Sorry, this is not the intention to make posts to show off. Not too pretentious even arrogant, but just sharing an Indonesian-language travel blogs whose content is just not clear. I must be honest and proud * * haxhaxhax my blog, it sampean know, it turns out in addition to paid links also can still get $ by way of polite:).

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Happy weekend friend, survived the weekend, hopefully a relaxing holiday. Happy Blogging!
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Girls Tattoos

Be a symbol of pop culture, tattoos create a fashion, especially for the modern woman. Today, women in particular to the style, recognition and looks. Girls opt for these tattoos attract men.
Tattoos are permanent mark, but we have for disposal, but it's too expensive. Before deciding a tattoo mark, be aware where you want to have tattoo and design.
See popular and attractive places for tattoos for girls:

Ankle: A tattoo on her ankle will certainly attract men. The surveys showed that most men find the woman so sexy ankle.

Just above the hip: use low-rise jeans or bikini, tattoo above the hips will be incredible. They play hide and seek with the men, while draws their attention.

Coccyx: a tattoo on the tailbone miracle. Looks really sexy and appears when you look at something. People will certainly attract tattoos.

Just above the pubic area tattoo: I'm sure there was nothing else is as sexy as the area above the pubic bone. This is to keep the place for men. Tease men with a tattoo just above the pubic area.

Navel: A tattoo on the navel is like a jewelry and clearly displayed when you clothes to wear fit that style.

Girls Tattoos
Sexy Girls Tattoos

Nice Girls Tattoos
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Puisi Ariel Piterpan

Puisi Ariel in Detention was read by the MC event 'The 50 Greatest Indonesian Singers' by Rolling Stone magazine in Ampera, South Jakarta, on Friday (10/12/2010) night. In the list of the best singer in Indonesia, Ariel Peterpan also one nomination.

Despite being in custody, Ariel still work with a poem. Poetry of this Ariel is pouring her heart out in prison due to cases of adult videos ariel and ariel luna as well as video and dance cut.

Here is a Puisi Ariel Peterpan:

Jika saya bercerita sekarang,
Maka itu hanya akan membuat sebagian orang memaklumi saya,
Dan sebagian lagi akan tetap menyalahkan saya,
Tetapi itu juga akan membuat mereka memaklumi dunia yang seharusnya tidak dimaklumi,
Dan tidak ada yang dapat menjamin apakah semua dapat memetik hal yang baik dari
kemakluman itu,
Atau hanya akan mengikuti keburukannya
Maka lebih baik saya diam.

Jika saya bersuara sekarang,
Maka itu akan membuat,
Saya terlihat sedikit lebih baik,
Dan beberapa lainnya terlihat lebih buruk sebenarnya,
Maka saya lebih baik diam.

Jika saya berkata sekarang,
Maka akan hanya ada caci maki,
Dari lidah ini,
Dan teriakan kasar tentang kemuakan,
Serta cemoohan hina pada keadilan,
Maka saya lebih baik diam.

Saya hanya akan berkata pada Tuhan, bersuara pada yang berhak,
Berkata pada diri sendiri,
Lalu diam kepada yang lainnya,
Lalu biarkan seleksi Tuhan,
Bekerja pada hati setiap orang.
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Christian Gonzalez Indonesian TIMNAS Foot ball Player

Christian Gonzalez
Christian Gonzalez, a player the most fertile in Indonesia in terms of scoring is now officially a citizen of Indonesia and Indonesia's National Team ( TIMNAS ) is ready to strengthen international diajang. El Loco (Cristian Gonzalez calls) also promised to show his best game with the Indonesian national team. Uruguay native player is officially a citizen of Indonesia (WNI) per 3 November 2010 and announced to the media by the National Team (BTN) PSSI, Friday (5 / 11).

"My long wait is over. I will work hard for the Indonesian national team, "said Gonzales.

Faith Arif, former Chairman of the BTN, which shifted its position to the Deputy Technical Area BTN, says Gonzalez faster to get an Indonesian passport because it was seven years playing in Indonesia. For six consecutive years Gonzalez did not return to Uruguay.

"Moreover, he also married an Indonesian woman, namely Eva Siregar," said Faith.

Cristian Gonzalez was 34 years old but still sharp assessed by the Indonesian national team coach Alfred Riedl. Gonzalez's name on the list of 25 players called to training camp (TC) AFF Cup 2010.

Status Gonzalez had four times the top score of Indonesian League and last season's top scorer Cup Indonesia became the reason. "I hope he matches the criteria of Alfred and could appear in the AFF Cup," said Faith.

El Loco (the Crazy) - nickname Gonzalez-backs eager to use the number 99 as it uses in Persib Bandung. But this desire can certainly not be realized because of the rules of FIFA (FIFA rules / regulation).

El Loco said blind to the power of teams to Southeast Asia. But he believes the Indonesian National Team will be victorious. He claimed to be ready to compete or cooperate with Bambang Pamungkas and Boaz Solossa, two national team striker at the moment. "I do not need adaptation to long since been playing with them," said Gonzales.
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Simple Christmas Decorations

To improve the appearance of a house during the holiday season, many people choose to spend on Christmas decorations chair. However, they can be tedious and costly, so choose your decorations simple and inexpensive to the best holiday without too much or too overwhelming to make.

Use the light. Lights are an inexpensive and easy to make your garden come alive for the holidays. Select you pick the features of your home and garden and decorated with lights, large windows, porch columns, the wave formed in the corner or the clean lines of the roof and facade. The attention to creating the best features of the chair with garlands of lights for a festive look simple, but beautiful.

Red Arches. Buy store in any weather red velvet bows a dollar or discount, and use them to enhance your patio. Put a mailbox in the mail, in each window of the house or the distance along the porch railing with garla
nds of green wreath in the middle. Among other decorations, simple crowns dollar store plastic or gold band.

Door decoration. will keep the door of his house in the middle with a ring of celebration with an accent. Do you cut your own Christmas trees, or a crown that can be decorated with silk ribbon flowers, ornaments, pine cones or decorative holiday. Another inexpensive way to decorate the door in order to resemble a giant gift is covered with a plastic tablecloth color and the placement of a large arc to the front of bad weather. Remember, a tag name in the "present" to add.

Infidelities and driveways. Use lighting to highlight a sidewalk or driveway. Whether you choose illuminate the empty milk cartons filled with light or candles in paper bags with sand, light is a selection of soft light bright flashing lights.

Stick to a theme. Christmas decorations around the chair, his plan to large yard decorations, inflatable figures, how to reduce deer or set on fire. Select a scene, such as' Santa's sleigh "or" Winter Forest "and select the seat commercial decorations that fit the theme. Mix is packaged with several Christmas songs in a wheelchair, so keep a theme with lights accent, and your garden will be festive.
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Frohe Weihnachten 2010 Karten

Weihnachten ist eine der besten Zeiten des Jahres. Es ist stark und erwartet von allen geliebt. Es gibt viele besondere Traditionen, die Menschen feiern um die Weihnachtszeit. Es ist besonderen Anlass und Sie möchten Ihre Freude mit jedem dieser Urlaubssaison zu verbringen. Eines der besten Traditionen für viele Menschen ist der Austausch von Weihnachtskarten. Wenn Sie etwas anderes suchen Frohe Weihnachten sind 2010 Karten, dies der richtige Ort ist, haben wir einige besondere Weihnachten 2010 Glückwunschkarten sowie. Verbreiten Sie die Freuden des Weihnachtsfestes unter Ihren Lieben mit diesem wunderschönen 2010 Weihnachten eCards, Weihnachtsgrüße & Weihnachten 2010 Karten. Hier möchten wir mit Ihnen teilen einige spezielle Kostenlose Online Weihnachtskarten, fröhliche Weihnachten, Neujahr Grüße 2010 & 2010 Weihnachten E-Cards. Also Gang hoch und schicken Sie kostenlos Weihnachtsgrüße an Ihre Freunde und Familie und wünschen ihnen ein frohes Weihnachtsfest 2010.

Christmas 2010 Greeting CardsChristmas 2010 Greeting CardsChristmas 2010 Greeting CardsChristmas 2010 Greeting CardsMerry Christmas 2010Card Christmas 2010Ecard Christmas 2010Tree Christmas 2010Christmas 2010 Idea CardChristmas 2010 and happy new years
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Villarreal Wallpapers

villarreal-01 | Soccer ...

Villarreal Club de Fútbol, S.A.D., usually abbreviated to Villarreal CF or just Villarreal, however, continued their unbeaten home record in the Champions League a city in the province of Castelló, in the Valencian Community, Spain. Located 7 km to the south of the province's capital (Castelló de la Plana), at 42 m above sea.
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Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba

Drogba moved to Chelsea the following season for a record breaking fee of £24 million,Drogba came to prominence as one of the world's foremost strikers Drogba was part of a 7-0 win over Stoke, even if he didn't make the score sheet that day, Drogba is one of eight players to have three league titles.
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Del Piero

File:Alex Del Piero.jpg ...
Alexandro Del Piero Photo Pic Wallpaper
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Xavi Hernandez

Xavi Hernandez: Xavi ...
Xavi Hernandez Picture Wallpapers Photo Pic
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Insight Bowl

Insight Bowl Field EMS Team ...
Insight Bowl Field EMS Team

Official home of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Insight Bowl, and Festival of College Football, History and information about the Insight Bowl college football game.
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Meineke Car Care Bowl

 the Meineke Car Care Bowl ...
the Meineke Car Care Bowl
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Cristiano Ronaldo wears ...
Cristiano Ronaldo wears

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