Bayaran Admob Recehan Mendulang Dollar

Sorry, this is not the intention to make posts to show off. Not too pretentious even arrogant, but just sharing an Indonesian-language travel blogs whose content is just not clear. I must be honest and proud * * haxhaxhax my blog, it sampean know, it turns out in addition to paid links also can still get $ by way of polite:).

Politely why I call? because the follow-up AdMob visitors are not disturbed by adsnya. Indonesian's different if blogs are mostly in pasangin with local ppc golly dragon dream content of its ad sales and indeed most of the disturbing enjoyment of visitors.

See screenshot above, it is paid for blogs narcissist whose contents are not clear. Yes $ 72.56, this month I paid from AdMob. After several months of follow-up AdMob, through this post I also do not share tips on getting $ from AdMob itself, I believe the Internet is scattered writings that discuss the subject.

Continue? I just share the experience, the blog is Indonesian, who every day there's only 1000an let people stray in, it still can give money cigarettes per month [dance]. Tips and Tutorials AdMob AdMob list please search on google yes.

And then? please in the review itself, local ppc-paid dollars and visitors in jejalin iklan2 dream or as I do. Visitors still somewhat comfortable ngintipi photo2 me, and baca2 vomit insults that do not self-explanatory.

Happy weekend friend, survived the weekend, hopefully a relaxing holiday. Happy Blogging!


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