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Syahrini, beautiful and sexy woman was reportedly left the Anang Hermansyah by Pasha "Ungu". Who would have thought that Syahrini be tempted by Oki Agustina's former husband?

Like do not believe but true. Syahrini willingly left her duet that once beloved colleague Anand Hermansyah that almost a year they became a duet partner. Even couples who call it the public was phenomenal today.

Not because of anything, but it happened because Syahrini must carry out their duties to fill the Masterpiece concert held by one private television station.

On that occasion Syahrini should duet with Pasha "Ungu" who temporarily leave his true duet partner, Anand. And they will sing the song "You Are Everything" album belongs properly Purple with a lover's inspiration.

Which also hebohnya Syahrini must fly using the sling above the height of 5 meters, when he was still traumatized by the incident fall ride height at an altitude of 2 meters.

"This is my first duet with Pasha" Ungu "yes. Seru though. And he called later I flew over a height of 5 meters using a sling and I'm still traumatized ya and there is a scene later dilepasin same slingnya Pasha," said Syahrini when found rehearsals Friday (20 / 8) night.

Curious is not it? It was the first thing Syahrini duet with besides Anand and certainly something worth waiting for duet Syahrini with this Pasha.

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