Ilga Before Nyepi

JAKARTA, COMPASS.COM--Welcomes Hari Raya Nyepi Hindu se-jabodetabek celebrate ILGA in Pura Segara, Cilincing, North Jakarta, Wednesday (2/3/2011). This is a series of early ceremony to welcome the Hari Raya Nyepi Saka new year 1933.

Minister of culture and tourism Jero Wacik were present in this ceremony. After witnessing the greet and Baleganjur, Jero Wacik entered Pura Segara and follow this ceremony.

Melasti called melis or mekiyis aims to smelt all manner of filthiness thoughts, words, and deeds. Furthermore, in this ceremony the Hindus would get holy water (tirta amerta angemet).

According to the Chairman of the Committee for the celebration of Hari Raya Nyepi Saka new year 1933 Ida Bagus Djayapati, this is a form of ceremonial ablutions Hindus. Where the faithful would pray together and then headed to sea to get holy water or angemet tirta amerta.

"Later the people will dissolve offerings into the sea as a symbol of throwing away the filth of the mind. Then later we will ride a boat to take the holy water, growing in crystal clear water will be the more, the more pure, "said Ida Bagus Djayapati.

From at 15: 00 WIB Hindus from different areas in greater Jakarta began arriving. By bringing offerings faithful for pray first before entering the Temple. According to Ida Bagus Djayapati estimated there were 6,000 people from 22 Pura will gather together to live the ILGA.

"After the Melasti, we will perform the Tawur Agung Kesanga in Monas, Friday March 4," said Ida Bagus Djayapati.

Author: Roderick Adrian Marque Lamont Dixon


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