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Presenter Tina Talisa Jakarta has decided to move to Indosiar. So how did he respond to the competition's going to happen with TV One who has raised his name was?

Here's an interview with Tina Talisa detikhot when met detikhot in Velpa Restaurant, Gandaria City, South Jakarta, Thursday (01/12/2011).

How does it feel now been officially moved from TV One to Indosiar?
Hahaha. It was excited at the same time excited. Excited for several reasons, among them since I was a member of a new team in Indosiar and I know there must be expectations of the company to contribute what is entrusted to me. That's the professional side.

What is your new position after moving to Indosiar? Reportedly the former boss was level with you on TV One, Karni Ilyas?
I believed there to be asked to contribute to play one of the managers in the news. The point I want to strengthen newsnya hell. Care of the presenter and the typographical arrangement Indosiar news on the screen. How to be creative, inspiring preaching from the side. That's the challenge.

In Indosiar later what you will be a presenter as well?
I finished the program presenters 'Morning Focus' new packaged and will be brought premiered on December 5, 2011 to come every Monday to Saturday at 06.00 every morning and lasted an hour. Through the program we want to lift every day and bring Indonesian children who excel. We wanted a program that could bring inspiration to teenagers, but still with a nice package to watch and cheer.

In contrast dong with the event that you bring all this is more to the story as the Apa Kabar Indonesia (AKI) One night on TV?
Yes that's him. From the individual side-degannya deg because I had been involved in the program that was hard news story. Now in Indosiar switch to host a more fluid and lighter. Well, I want to make sure I am, with a style that I did not leave but I can adjust. Asking the children's and adolescents with different politicians. I still do not get mixed up with it. That's what makes excited.

But I'm excited for the new challenges of the program and hopefully the goals of this program is creative and inspiring actually hit his target. Because if later seen in tayangannya, we really wanted to bring the good side of Indonesia. As long as it's much criticized public media including television deemed always puts bad news is a good news. Now we want to show good news is also good news. That's what we want to present and we want to show that inspiration can come from anywhere including from children and adolescents.

What's new format 'Morning Focus' at the top Indosiar your intervention as well?
In terms of preparation, yes. Contributions to the concept of mind, details maturation program and others. Included with other technical matters, such as color selection sofa. It also points to consider and so I became part of the team who take care of it.

With the concept of different events, whether it means missing Tina Talisa figure who is known critical?
If the style of broadcast. I will still be Tina Talisa viewers had ever seen. That his program is different, yes. that on TV one I am very thick with political nuances. If here is not hard news, the focus of a new format this morning, the packaging is lighter but no substance. The point still wanted to promote Indonesian children excel.

Your image has been already closely with TV One. Sure can let it go?
I am sure viewers will adapt to it. may take time. But more important is my belief to be able to adjust to the program in order to connect. I do not have any worries of excess, so it's perfectly natural if there is such comments then later on, was not seen again Tina Talisa the same critical of politicians. Yes because it's not a politician also presented. His sources to the informant diverse and sometimes I could just put out my custom to criticize. Anyway is not guaranteed to be Tina Talisa motherly and meek. There will be laughter and the occasional singing as well.

There is singing? That is, what in the 'Morning Focus' will you bring it you will sing like when making the event Apa Kabar Indonesia (AKI) One night on TV?
Hahaha. Yes, there will be occasional singing as well. Because it is a long time where I also occasionally sing. In place a long time now there's been a singer anymore, so now I'm also singing in the new place. Hahaha. It's better to attempt to create a program that's creative and interesting. So if I occasionally considered to be entertained in that way, why not do. Leak it.

You now have become part of Indosiar. Surely if it is ready to compete with TV One that ever raised your name?
Yes. Hmm, how ya. Basically when it comes to competition in any industry it must exist. I was on TV one time, I compete with other TVs. Even in its own internal there was healthy competition between divisions and programs. Speaking of competition, in this new place I'm not a TV of the same type. So between the two, not competitors going head to head. Supposing that the music, and blues reaggae that's different. Indosiar Entertaintment general if it is more to the TV One news. Hehehe.

Talk about your move to the Indosiar, how the responses of your fellow politicians that?
How is yes, well the answer is not good. Hahaha. Politicians are familiar with me, because familiarity is also asking more into sentences nanya kayaking, Tin, where ya do not already old news? I ngak early to say if I had excused himself from the TV one. Finally I answered this a few weeks when it's not there. They say, oh pantesan never seen.

On average a lot of regrets. Told you in, I've been synonymous with Apa Kabar Indonesia (AKI) and the TV one night. In fact anyone tell me icon. But I never declared myself the icon on the TV One and in AKI Night. If it comes from other people, I am grateful for the appreciation of my work. One had a TV presenter and be much better than me to develop.

Problem you move, how the response from colleagues and bosses at TV One?
Average surprised and ask why? not been good? And others. If from the leadership, Mr. Karni Ilyas, the first time I came to, he gave me the opportunity to consider because he is very concerned with my career. Less is more he asked, if I was sure to Indosiar? Two days later I had to pack Karni and said yes. Indeed, ever since I first had to establish the liver.

So you come out well from TV One huh?
I said goodbye well. I am proud to say I've become part of the team and apologize if there is a lack of my work professionally and personally. Even with the pack Ardi talking about them when the plan to have children. Because Nia's already pregnant. In fact, chatting casually. With Mr. Karni Ilyas, too, he delivered if I want to stay in TV One please, I'm safe position. If you want to go too please. On that occasion, I also apologize and thank you. I came up fine and went well. Nothing was a commotion. Nothing at all. pack and pack Nirwan Bakrie conveyed, he left an icon really sad TV One.

Keep us going relationship. Although I moved, it also does not reduce my interest in politics. I just want to maintain good relations with him, although he did not like the intensity of my time guiding the program a long time.


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