Arumi Bachsin Bugil Telanjang

Arumi Bachsin Bugil Telanjang Relationship teen actress Arumi and parents had reportedly not well established. He also had twice disappeared from home because of falling out with his mother, Lilian Maria Pesch.

Now the relationship soap star 'Azizah' it with his family became more harmonious. The situation was very different from the coverage dispute with the mother.

Arumi as has been reported experiencing exploitation and repression of Mary. But when detikhot chance to interview him on the sidelines of busy, Arumi admitted to do well, even he admitted quite freely in determining the way of life.

"Free, very free. Emang what your own definition of what kind? You have seen me like this how long? Free anyway," he said when met detikhot Arumi friendly, in the area of ​​Kemang, South Jakarta, recently Arumi Bachsin Bugil Telanjang.

Dara was born February 19, 1994 it has indeed been turned into 17 years, where someone is considered an adult. Even in determining the way of life such as work or companion, also claimed to have pocketed Arumi permit the mother.

"All I'm free, well you can see it, emang during what should I do? The important thing is communication," as he asked, turning back Arumi joked.

But he did not want to discuss more about it. Arumi said currently the most important thing he could complete its obligations in education and career focus in the entertainment world that made ​​his name.

"Kingdom of God willing, keep running, but for me the most Arumi Bachsin Bugil Telanjang important education. Stay ngatur wrote his schedule," explained virgin bloody German-Dutch.


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