Jennifer Bachdim Bugil Telanjang

Jennifer Bachdim Bugil Telanjang Shocking news came from the couple and Jennifer Irfan Kurniawan. Who would have thought their wedding which was held on July 8 in the Netherlands, was not received the blessing of the great footballer's family.

It was revealed Uncle Irfan, Jennifer Bachdim Bugil Telanjang Ali Helmi Bachdim. He and his extended family in Indonesia claimed embarrassed and disappointed Irfan and Jennifer were married, because they are different religion.

"He (Irfan) marriage, the extended family in Indonesia disappointed. Arrival of a Jennifer entry in our family what we are not ashamed of her background like that?," He said in the show Celebrities Investigations, Trans TV, Tuesday (19 / 7 / 2011).

Helmi also admitted to not like Jennifer, because the wife of footballer who graze in Malang Persema it works as a lingerie model. "He's what I know on the internet, my friend said if Jennifer is an advertising model underwear," ketusnya.

Helmi deplored the indifferent attitude towards Irfan extended family in Indonesia. He also thought his nephew had been taken in the western lifestyle.

Jennifer Bachdim Bugil Telanjang "Irfan's now his life in Indonesia. Life Indonesia should be used. Must be polite and cultured. Do not the way now that he's wearing. That's the cowboy way," he said irritably.


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