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Listening to favorite music, be it music wing pop, rock, jazz, and classical, will trigger a chemical reaction in the body as when we were making love, eating good food, or taking the drug. Maybe that's why music is very soothing and popular.

The researchers consisting of experts from the Canadian neuroscientist found that when we're listening to your favorite music, your body will release the hormone dopamine.

In appropriate doses, dopamine will create power, excitement, and a strong urge to give rewards. This hormone is released the body when someone looked at her lover, or eating a delicious meal.

"Music menelusup deep into the brain, which involve biological systems since the early humans. Maybe that explains why dopamine pleasure sensation in the striatum, a primitive part of the brain," says Robert Zatorre, Montreal Neurological Institute Chief Researcher, Canada.

He added that the terrible effects that music can be used to set our subconscious. "Heroin and cocaine also have the same effect, but its impact is addictive. Meanwhile, the body does not lose anything if we are addicted to music," he said.

In his research, Zatorre asked the study participants listen to music according to individual taste, then they did brain scans to determine brain activity that occurs when music is played. "All types of music activate the same brain as long as we love these kinds of music," he said.


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