Prison Fire Kills 42 People

Whole has not touched the overthrow of president blue riot in Tunisia up to now. Instead of getting better conditions, a fire shut down the prison Monastir makes the North African country in the region was increasingly chaotic.

According to AP news on Saturday (01/15/2011), the fire had already killed 42 inmates. Eyewitnesses said the fire spread in the prison and killed dozens of inmates

Meanwhile, in the center of the capital city of Tunis, the security forces guarding to prevent looting in the suburbs on Friday. Tunis town's main street, Avenue Habib Bourguiba, was closed by the security forces.

The tanks and soldiers to maintain state-owned buildings. Tunis Airport is closed on Friday have opened again this Saturday.

Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi said the priority was to restore public order. Ghannouchi also said it would hold talks with opposition parties.

There is a view which says, people now are looking at whether the interim government are willing to do economic and political change. President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who has been in power for 23 years, Friday, resigned after a large demonstration in Tunis.

On Friday night Ghannouchi who is prime minister under President Ben Ali became interim president. However, this Saturday the Constitutional Court declared the Chairman of Parliament Foued Mebezza become interim president.

Tunisia's independence from France in 1956. So far, only Tunisia has two presidents, namely Habib Bourguiba and Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali.


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