Want to Achieve or Success?

Money, fame, power, and prestige, is the embodiment of success. Meanwhile, satisfaction, achievement, relief, or completeness of its value in a very personal work, beyond measures of success. Satisfaction is often invisible and can only be felt. Well, what motivates you in a career or job, success or satisfaction?

According to Rene CareerCoach Suhardono, in his book, Your Job Is Not Your Career, most people will never understand, let alone achieve satisfaction, because they pursue the things that do not provide meaning for themselves.

If you're still feeling unsatisfied in your career or job because of complacent pursuit of success, time to find achievement in your career, how:

1. Change your orientation
The achievement has nothing to do with money. So, from now to change the orientation of your career or job, by not focusing on money.

"People are just chasing the money in her work, often are short-minded individual, transactional, and ominous," said Rene.

Thus, the emphasis in career and your job should be against what you feel and what you consider important in life. Once again, not just chasing money.

2. Think of the benefits to others
If you've found what you consider important in life, strengthen your confidence is by understanding its meaning. Then think about the benefits that will be acceptable to others, the environment, even in large-scale, state. Would not you be satisfied with achieving self if what you're doing good for others, and not just for yourself?

3. Seeking support
Find a mentor or colleague who can help you achieve satisfaction in their careers and jobs. Through the help of various parties, you can learn the things that need to be known and yet to be known in that field.

4. Solve problems and find opportunities
The achievement will come true only if you are motivated to solve the various problems that you face in your career and work. The trick, keep repair and upgrade the standards that apply in your field.

"Make this as his only chance at work in your life," said Rene.


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