Fanny Fabriana contracted malaria in Papua

Movie player and model Fabriana Fanny (25) has just finished filming live Lost in Papua, who starred with actors Fauzi Baadilah and Didi Petet. In the film's shooting location, Papua, he was stricken with malaria.

Sweet-bitter must be lived to the film. "To play a role in this film, I put on weight to four pounds. Genesis exciting, unique, BT, just complete my rasain in Papua. I also got sick with malaria fit in there shooting," recalls Fanny in Jakarta, Friday (7 / 1 / 2011).

Fanny also claim to get the friendliness of the locals. "They welcomed me, though I entrants. Papuans respect migrants, their very friendly. besides they, they smile to us. They are, know baseball know, still say hello," he said.

Advanced Fanny, Lost in Papua seeks lift the other side of Papua which has not been known by the public at large. "Papua was not only famous kotekanya. In this movie, we want you to know, Papuan penis gourds, and baseball only (tribe) Wamena her, you know. The film is going belokin Papuan people's minds about all this," he said.


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