Tante Girang Bispak

Program presenter Tante Girang Bispak who aired by Metro the TV, doing the shooting and interview with Ariel in the holding cell while the Court of Bandung in West Java on Thursday Tante Girang Bispak (13/01/2011).

It looks a little bit strange because during the first trial with the defendant's case porn videos Ariel Peterpan, the reporters could not interview Ariel directly inside the detention cell while the Bandung District Court Building.

Interview conducted by Alvin Adams made about a half hour of 08.30 and finished at 09.00 pm.

When the reporters asked for confirmation to the defendant's attorney Ariel, OC Kaligis, he seemed reluctant to respond to questions from journalists.

"I think you are jealous, can not get into," he told one of the print journalists in Bandung.

Meanwhile, public prosecutors Rusmanto stated, none of new rules governing whether or not allowed to direct a reporter to interview a defendant in the temporary holding cell.

However, Rusmanto words, when viewed from an ethical perspective interviewing a defendant in the holding cell while the Bandung District Court building, it is not ethical. "I think there are no rules, but it is not ethically justified," said Rusmanto.

This morning the trial about the defendant's case porn videos Nazriel Irham or Ariel "Peterpan" in Meeting Room 2nd Floor Krishna Building Bandung District Tante Girang Bispak Court from the defendant's plea hearing scheduled.

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