Gene Causes Difficult Weight Lose

YOU are committing a strict diet? But that does not work lose weight? Factor genes may be the answer.

Research shows that weight loss success is influenced by your DNA. Some women are genetically programmed better at digesting high-fat diet. Who's a few others successfully lose weight if they reduce fat and increase intake of carbohydrates.

The result is proved researcher from Oxford University and the Medical Research Council, that is almost impossible to lose weight by the presence of unusual genes.

In the study, scientists injected an additional copy of the FTO (obesity gene) into the DNA of mice. Their offerings completely healthy physically, but different from their counterparts with increased appetite and excessive weight gain seen.

"This work makes us confident that the FTO is an important gene that contributes to obesity. Too many of these genes can lead to weight gain when the owner of overeating," said Professor Frances Ashcroft, lead investigator, who quoted from Genius Beauty, Wednesday (12/29/2010).

Applies not only in mice, but 14 percent of British people carry two defective copies of FTO, which increases the risk of obesity by 70 percent, and diabetes by 50 percent.


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