Zaskia A Mecca not want many childs

Many children, many of sustenance. Adage that apparently did not apply to movie stars Zaskia Adya Mecca. Once blessed with a daughter, wife of director Hanung Bramantyo it, admitted that he had enough.

The experience of maternity, Zaskia said, still keeping a fairly deep trauma. "Today and next year we stop first to add a little one, I'm still traumatized." she accompanied her husband and children, Kana Syibilla Bramantyo, in the region Gandaria City Mall, on Thursday (12/30/2010) night.

Looking ahead, he just wanted to focus on raising Hanung Sybill and accompany the child, from a previous marriage.

Recognized movie star Ayat-Ayat Cinta, after the birth process, he put a sense of awe at the mother, who has had to pass seven times the delivery process without complaining one bit.

So baseball will add more, ya? "I think maybe it is enough, we've become a big family now,"explained Zaskia, which will give more priority to quality education was the fruit of his heart.


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